Our veterinarians perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, and our clinic has modern, state of the art anesthetic and monitoring equipment to increase the safety to our patients. What does that really mean?

For our Surgical patients we:

  • Use Fear Free procedures which reduce the stress of your pet and therefore reduce the amounts of anesthetic needed for the procedure. By reducing the stress of a patient we can sometimes reduce the drugs given by 50% (please refer to the fear free section to read about many techniques we use)

  • All patients have a pre-admission/surgical examination with a doctor prior to booking surgery

    • This allows the doctor to tailor specific anesthetic requirements your individual pet may need. Just like your doctor needs to discuss any health concerns or address medical conditions prior to a surgical procedure as does your veterinarian at Paradise Animal Hospital.

    • Your pet will be admitted to the hospital the day of surgery by the doctor or nurse in surgery to continue with the personalized care, and provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

  • All patients have pre-surgical blood work before having a general anesthetic procedure. This ensures good liver and kidney function, indicates signs of anemia, infection and provides a great general screen for many other disease processes that may be caught early or indicate a need to change the anesthetic protocol for your pet.

  • on intravenous fluids,

  • have blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and various other vital parameters closely monitored,

  • each patient undergoing surgery has a personal nurse that will be with your pet throughout the procedure and into recovery.

  • on water-heated beds during surgery and recovery. Where heat loss is a concern we also provide warm blankets, sweaters and socks to help retain their body heat.

  • Monitored for hints of pain so that medications can be promptly and appropriately administered, also established by the doctor prior to the procedure.

  • You will have a surgical discharge appointment booked with a surgical nurse later in the day to discuss the procedure and what you should be aware of when you go home.

  • Your doctor will provide medications for your pet for pain over the next days as well as a mild antianxiety drug if they feel it will assist in the comfort and recovery of your pet.

The health, comfort, and safety of each patient is our greatest priority.